bike noir

In a city of unexpected back alleys, dive bars, and taco stands trouble arises from the discovery of a bicycle that wasn’t meant to be found. Austin’s urban landscape plays host to this noir-inspired play on two wheels. Get your bike and follow the action!

Note: This is a play/ride. You will need a bicycle to attend the event. We will ride at moderate pace about 7 miles following all traffic laws. The ride/performance should run under 2 hours. *Please wear your helmet.


ride/play meets outside the winship drama building at the university of texas at austin (across from the stadium by the construction)

300 east  23rd street (23rd and san jacinto)


austin, tx  march/april 2011
monday march 28 – 3:30pm
wednesday march 30 – 1pm
friday april 1 – 5pm
saturday april 2 – 2pm

3 Responses to “home”

  1. Rico said

    Sounds like fun. Keep me in the loop.

  2. Is it mandatory to wear a helmet? I do not have one but would like to participate.

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